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My Life as an Orthopod
Oct 10 '12

Fake Doctors Excuses for Fun

For reasons I will not mention here, my friends and I decided to grab some fake doctor’s notes. Of course we knew that the World Wide Web would be our best chance of finding the fake doctor note we so badly desired to have.

I began searching for a free doctors note. Who wouldn’t prefer getting something free as opposed to paying for it? Well, I quickly learned that free doctors notes are not the way to go. The templates are far less exciting than those that you purchase. (Get them at places like In all honesty the template that I viewed look really cheap and flaky. It sure wouldn’t be something I would want to use at work, school or even as a joke.

I learned quickly you get what you pay for and decided that I would go for a fake doctors note that I had to purchase. I began looking for companies selling these excuses and was surprised that there were so many of them around. I read a few reviews and made my choice.

The prices for the fake doctors note were awesome. An excuse this cheap? I was thrilled. We were given a sample when we finally narrowed down our choices, and when we found the one that we liked, we placed our order. It was so much fun to get our hands on these fake excuses. They have done more than I ever imagined them to be able to do, all while giving four young ladies a great time.

I am glad that I did not stop with just the free templates. I know that our fun would not have been half as good if I had. It was such a small cost for such great benefits. If you need a fake doctors note, be sure that you skip the free.